Jiangshi + Coffin Set (Coming Soon)

The infamous Chinese hopping zombie, known for their stiff gait. Whispered in folklore, the Jiangshi are all too real. They do not rely on physical power; instead their merest touch will drain the life force from hapless victims. Their formal burial robes make a horrific contrast to their decaying bodies, terrifying villagers that knew them when they were among the living. Beware village cemeteries at night!This boxed set adds terrifying Undead to enemies faced by our heroic Pilgrims, together with the scenery, cards and rules. Three completely new scenarios can be downloaded from the Marrow Production website.

Not a standalone product. Journey: Wrath of Demons™ is required to play.

Jiangshi + Coffin Set includes -

  • 4 Jiangshi figures
  • 1 Coffin
  • 1 Demon Profile Card
  • 4 Demon Cards
  • A rule sheet