Kei lun

In antiquity, this fantastic creature was known to be wise and generous, able to peer into your soul and judge your nature.  Normally gentle, Kei Lun would aid the virtuous and only punish the evil when absolutely necessary. But since the seal to the underworld was broken, the Demons have upset the balance both in the world and in Kei Lun, changing him beyond recognition.  Quick to anger and fight, Kei Lun’s mane flickers with fire and he can only see the over abundance of malevolence surrounding him. Mistaking everyone as wicked, Kei Lun paces frantically, attacking at random.

A resin miniature is the closest thing to the original sculpture, holding the highest level of detail.  It is perfect for any miniature collector or it may be used to replace the plastic miniature supplied with the game. 

This blister contains 1 unpainted resin model and 1 square base.