In the eyes of his father and mother, the Bull Demon King and Empress Iron Fan, Kogaiji has been a continual failure.  But make no mistake, Kogaiji is a Demon Lord in his own right and years of criticism has made him bitter and spiteful.

Always quick to do his father’s bidding, or to start an evil scheme to gain his father’s favor, Kogaiji is often outside the lair.  Perhaps he is rash and foolish, but his inextinguishable fire makes him a formidable opponent, who is not to be underestimated.

A resin miniature is the closest thing to the original sculpture, holding the highest level of detail.  It is perfect for any miniature collector or it may be used to replace the plastic miniature supplied with the game. 

This blister contains 1 unpainted resin model and 1 square base.