Spider Demons Expansion

The Spider Demon Expansion gives the Pilgrims a chance to retrieve the third piece of the sundered Sutras. But before Tripitaka can assemble more of the sacred scroll, his band will have to defeat the Spider Demons.

In the Silk Cave, high in the Silk Mountains, Zige the Spider Demon Queen spins her webs of the toughest silk. Her minions weave traps of sticky cobwebs and wait for unsuspecting prey to become ensnared.

The Spider Demons expansion set comes with 10 highly detailed plastic miniatures. 1 x Zige the Spider Demon Queen, 2 x Ziran Spider Demon General, 1 x Zahe Spider Demon Priest and 5 x Zigi Spider Demon Warrior.

New Condition cards and Demon cards.

3 brand new double sided map tiles, the pilgrims will venture deep into the poison spider cave.

Will they feast on our brave travelers?