White Bone Demons Expansion (Coming Soon)

The White Bone Demons are the reanimated bones of long dead warriors. Demon Spirits possess the bones and over time, warp them into horrific shapes. This separation between the Demon’s spirit and the warrior’s body may explain why the Cleanse Ritual is harder, but it is certainly the explanation of the biggest surprise the Pilgrims will face.

Dead White Bone Demons are left on the board and if Yara the White Bone Queen can attract another Demon Spirit, these piles of bones may spring back to life!

The White Bone Demons expansion set comes with 10 highly detailed plastic miniatures. 1 x Yara the White Bone Queen, 2 x Yangu Bone Generals, 1 x Yagara Bone Beast and 6 x Yataru Bone Warriors.

New Condition cards and Demon cards.

3 brand new double sided map tiles.

Do you have the courage to face the White Bone Demons?